Our Teaching Concept

People learn languages for different reasons – education, career progression, business, travel or just for pleasure!  Whatever your motivation, your lessons at Europa School of English will cover all the main aspects of learning English, including vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation as well as helping you develop your general English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. 

At Europa school of English our teaching team strive to plan and deliver stimulating lessons that center on the specific needs of the individual learners in each class.  We foster a relaxed and welcoming environment and prioritize communication, creativity and teamwork.  Our concept is based on the assumption that learning works best when many senses are used during the learning process. Therefore, the usual conventional teaching is not popular with us. We try to integrate discussions, role plays, presentations, group work and so on. You will receive all the learning materials in the course center. We also use online material (videos, websites, podcasts, blogs, etc.) and show you which of these you can best use for independent learning.

Normally, you have a variety of teachers depending on the course you have chosen.  This will expose you to a variety of approaches to the language and teaching methods.  Our teachers follow a structured and contemporary syllabus but also try to bring in ‘real world’ tasks and material to give you the best balance of learning.

Salvador McCracken Teacher at Europa School / IP

Come and join us - make new friends whilst improving your English!

“I have been an English teacher at Europa for over 2 years now and have worked with students from almost every country in the world! I really love seeing how different cultures interact and enjoy the friendships that are made outside the classroom over a competitive table football game almost as much as the lively chats and debates we can have in the classroom. I enjoy seeing students’ progress throughout their time with us in all areas of their language” 

Some lessons focus on topics which reflect life in the course location, as we think that the cultural aspects are just as important as the linguistic ones. They also focus on your daily life and your future. Another important aspect is intercultural learning; the understanding of different cultures, which you will get by working and learning with students from other countries.

We have a strong commitment to learning at Europa School of English.  Our teaching team will offer you all the support you need to improve your English skills!

  • Small classes with max. 15 students
  • Placement Test on the 1st day of school
  • Learning groups of similar levels
  • International classes
  • Different courses available
  • Certificate for your language level according to ‘The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ (CEFR)
  • Teachers are native speakers or have the level of a native speaker
  • Teachers have special training to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL or PGCE)
  • All teaching material is provided in the course centre
  • Our own language schools are accredited by the British Council and we are a member of English UK
  • Learn more than a language: Our teaching concept integrates intercultural experience