Become A Homestay Provider – A Rewarding Experience

Inviting an international student to live as part of your household and for them to experience your way of life is an exceptional opportunity for you and your family and can be very beneficial for both the family and the student. Quite often long-lasting friendships can be made and you may form a bond with your student that lasts a lifetime. In this evolving world sharing your home with an international student can be so rewarding especially for our children as it can encourage them to learn about geography and other cultures and to gain a greater perspective on the world.  This is something that cannot always be gained first-hand without travelling overseas.

Being a Homestay Provider is an exciting experience for all concerned and we are very happy to be able to offer this opportunity to you all year round! Feel free to contact us via e-mail to if you have any questions or complete our homestay application form now.

Our International students choose homestay accommodation to compliment their learning programme and to practise their language skills outside the classroom as well as experiencing the “English way of life”. The student will be aware that our school is accredited by British Council and therefore the standards they can expect from us. Our Accommodation Officer will arrange to visit your home to ensure you are able to offer the necessary facilities to our students and they will always do their very best to carefully match a student to a family taking into account whenever possible the wishes of both parties. You would be able to contact our Accommodation Officer if you have any concerns and we will always maintain contact during the student’s stay with both the homestay and the student just to make sure that there are no problems.  We offer a very solid supportive structure to both the homestay provider and the student.

We are open throughout the year and welcome adult students from all over the world with stays ranging from a week to several months.  In addition we also welcome junior students throughout the summer months and also at various times throughout the year through our mini-stay programme.  In general our adult students require a single room with breakfast and dinner each day and a lunchtime snack at weekends and our junior students stay in a twin or triple room and usually have breakfast, packed lunch and dinner each day.  We also have students who need to follow a specific diet such as gluten free or diary free and we welcome families who are prepared to cater for these needs and a daily supplement will be paid in return. 

Our rates of pay are seasonal and do fluctuate but you can expect to receive between £120.00 to £252.00 per week depending on the time of year and type of room booked.  Your Accommodation Officer will be able to provide you with the exact rates currently payable during the application process.

All you need is at least one spare bedroom and the enthusiasm to share your home, your life and your language with international students and you can simultaneously learn from them too. You must be willing to welcome a new member of your family, provide them with all the facilities as detailed in our Accommodation Manual and most importantly a warm home environment. It will be so rewarding to watch your student’s English language skills improve during their stay with you and knowing that you have contributed. We welcome applications from English speaking homes offering a warm, safe and friendly environment for our students.  If you are interested in working with us then please click on the link below to complete our Homestay Application Form and our Accommodation Officer will be in touch.

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