Europa School of English

FG Languages Ltd and its’ brands: “Europa School of English“ & “IP International Projects“

Europa School (the UK brand of FG Languages Ltd) is based in Bournemouth on the South Coast of England. We offer free tea, coffee, and biscuits all year round and in the summer months half and full-board provision.

IP International Projects is the second brand of FG Languages Ltd. It operates as a specialised Young Leaner educator in 5 UK centres in the summer (Bournemouth, Exeter, Winchester, Ringwood and Tiverton) one French centre (Bayonne) and a German centre (Ebernburg & Bingen - close to Frankfurt). Our all inclusive programmes offer students the chance to learn either English, French or German together with international students of the same age and enjoying and exciting activity programme on site.

Europa School of English & its brand IP International Projects

Our Philosophy

‘More than a language…’ has been our message since we opened the doors for our first guests in 1986. We were all a little younger then!
We know the unique learning opportunities a language programme provides – we’ve all been there ourselves! and our aim is to not only offer formal and informal learning spaces but also to develop intercultural awareness amongst our students and staff.
We have had the pleasure of welcoming more than 200,000 guests since we started. Our well experienced international management and supervision teams are extremely customer focussed, we carefully select and train our staff so they are always helpful, friendly and put the needs of our guests and students first.

Our goals and values: We always aim to maintain and build on our reputation as a school dedicated to providing our clients with a high level of customer service, a welcoming and caring atmosphere in our schools and the chance to meet and learn about other cultures whilst making them feel valued and well looked after.

Our philosophy

Guest Orientation

Each guest is unique and has individual wishes and expectations. From the first contact until the end of their stay, we want to ensure that our students are happy and cared for. Students receive well organized and full information before their trip detailing everything they need to know for their language holiday. Our customer care team is always on hand to answer any queries before during and after the students’ stay. When they arrive in Bournemouth, they will be encouraged to join the Walk and Talk held every Monday in order to get to know the surrounding of the school and the city a bit better.

Guest orientation


We meet the standards of European language holiday norm (EN 14804). Our language school in the UK is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English in the UK and is subject to regular inspections. Our qualified, enthusiastic native-level teachers work with modern equipment and annually revised teaching materials to provide an exciting and interesting curriculum.

We are a member of English UK, the national association of accredited English language centres, and English UK South.

Alongside our accreditation with Accredication UK (the quality assurance scheme for UK providers of courses in English as a foreign language (EFL) which the British Council runs in partnership with English UK) we are also a member of English UK. You can see more about the quality assurance schemes that we participate in here.

You can see more about the quality assurance schemes that we participate in here.

Accredited by the British Cosection Member of English UK

Learn More Than A Language

Learning a language with us is more than just sitting in a classroom with a textbook, we want to create real world situations where students have a genuine need and desire to communicate in the target language (English, French and German) outside the classroom as well as with their teachers. To learn new language that will stay with you for life you need to create a real need and desire for the words. The student should want to communicate so much that when the language is ‘dropped’ in front of them they absorb it like a sponge.
For us the joy of learning and improving language is the core of our product, but we consider it equally important that our guests have the opportunity to learn to be open to other cultures. Our social programme and supervision teams are set up in a way that encourages students and staff from different cultural backgrounds to mix and enjoy their time together. We also encourage our younger students to develop their personalities and gain a taste of independence through our carefully thought-through activity and social programme.

Learn more than a language


Keeping our students and staff safe is the number one priority for us at Europa. We have different levels of supervision depending on the product chosen and the age of the student. Our staff are carefully selected and trained so they are able to take good care of all our students. Parents and guardians can relax in the knowledge that we are taking good care of their child whilst they are with us. We follow the guidelines laid down by Accreditation UK and are regularly inspected to ensure that we are adhering to the rules and regulations regarding the care of students during their stay.

Please note that we also have junior groups on site throughout the year. These groups are usually accompanied by their teachers. Even though they have lessons in the same building, they start and finish earlier than our adult students. Their break times are different as well. These junior students are usually between 13 and 17 years old.